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Cover Love – What’s Eye Catching to Me


Hey fellow bookworms, I want to be shallow today .. And what better way to do that than to discuss book covers… This isn’t the first time I have talk about book covers, I have discussed their trends in the past, What I think works or what’s been used to exhaustion…

But this time around I want to focus on what actually grabs my attention when perusing books… What calls out to me enough to make pick up a book…Or simply what makes me think that a particular book should be on my shelf just because of its beautiful cover — It happens, as I’m sure you guys know… I have many pretty covers that I have yet to read… hangs head in shame…

So, let’s start judging books by their covers, shall we?

Color scheme

We all have favorite colors, and favorite color combinations… in my case Those are purple, blue, silver, reds and black… But I have discovered that when done right, there might be a surprising blend of colors that I wouldn’t even have noticed before… To illustrate a bit what I’m talking about… i’ll share some of my top favorite color schemes in book covers..

41021967._SY475_ 58761413._SY475_ 56180769._SY475_ 43129821._SX318_


We often come across simplistic covers that just put all the effort on the lettering, the styles, the contrasts, the fonts… And to achieve an attention grabber while taking this stance is no easy feat in my opinion… Some that have managed to elicit an emotion in me with only the font style are..

25111004._SY475_ 18498558 8908._SX318_

Illustration or Artistic montage

I have a long rant about the current trend of illustrated covers and how they have lost their impact (Here) But there are a few cases when you do come across some that take it up a notch and manage to stand out in a sea of sameness…

55204917._SY475_    56941221._SY475_

As for the artistic montage, the sky is the limit.. I particularly prefer the blend of Photographs with splashes of colors, or just toying with shapes and settings… something like these..

510MOAGJzTL._SY346_ 58545703._SY475_ 55602235._SY475_

People on the cover

I’m not opposed to having people on the covers if there’s some art behind it… I don’t mind my abs on the covers but I need some artistic excuse as well..

43784260._SY475_ 58415294._SY475_

Relation to the story

It’s an awesome feeling when you read a book and start to find snippets of what you are reading on the cover… or maybe it’s just that the cover sets up the right mood for the book..

34967829._SY475_ 42815556 jan-21-halle

These are some of the thing that will make me stop and pick up a book only for the cover — of course after that I will be expecting that the story does matches what I’m being sold.. how about you guys? Which are some of the things that appeal to you the most when it comes to book covers?


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As Always

Happy Reading



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