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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Riders of Fire and Ice By Brett Salter

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Hey fellow bookworms, I have another review for you guys today… and this time is the second book in a MG/YA series (called The Talisman series) that I read last year. This book is perfect for those parents who are looking for something to share with their kids, it’s thrilling fantasy ride for all ages.

Riders Of Fire and Ice by Brett Salter


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This is the second instalment in the Talisman series, and I might even say that it’s better than the first one.. At least I enjoyed it more, and that’s great there’s no middle book syndrome at all present here.

In fact you could even pick this book up without having read the first one.. the prologue gives you enough of a gist of what’s going on but why would you want to miss out on the story?

We have our main characters Rome and Julian who are still trying to find the elusive Synergy that will give them full use of their powers (don’t forget that Rome is a Dragon and Julian a Knight). There’s action, mystery, humour, chivalry and that brotherhood bond that I loved in the first book.

But what really made me love it much more is bearing witness of how they are growing into their own.. Particularly Rome, you can feel them slowly mature and that’s great as a reader who’s invested in the series.

We get to meet new characters and the one I’m going to spotlight the most is Julian’s sister Camela because I loved how even with their difference of opinions and their butting heads.. they were so loyal to each other.. when it truly matter.

It’s such an easy read, it flows perfectly in terms of plot and it leaves you with enough questions for the next book.
I would certainly recommend it if you are looking to get your children hooked on reading, it has an uplifting message and it’s hella entertaining.


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