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The Hilarity Of Smutty Scenes


Hey guys! How’s everything going? As I’m sure most of you know I’m a Romance reader at heart.. Even if I do add some other genres to my repertoire, I always go back to what makes me happy and that’s Romance… Particularly Smutty Romance..

Smutty Romances are a fun thing to read all on its own because of the emotional charge they give to the relationships and the titillating feeling they give to their readers..

However there are a few cases where that “fun” isn’t exactly what it was intended… But is hilarious all the same..

Anatomically Impossible


If you are an avid romance reader like I am, most likely you have come across a few hot scenes where our characters are Cirque the Soleil bendy… I mean, there are body parts that aren’t that flexible, Right? Or maybe there’s the addition of a third arm? I did read one that I could have sworn the guys had 3 arms… otherwise what he was doing was anatomically impossible.

Power Up level up


Let’s talk about stamina… I understand that if you have supernatural creatures involved… there’s wiggle room for that (they can go on for days I guess) but… It’s hilarious to me when average (as much as any character can be average in a romance novel) people just seems like they are always ready to roll… That’s worrisome and probably a symptom of a deeper problem. And once they do get it on, well the certainly have energy to spare.

Chatty Cathy


I don’t mind dirty talk on my sex scenes to a point.. but there are some characters that take this to a conference level… if every other word is profane… I’m sure you guys know what I mean… That’s very distracting… I feel like I should pay more attention to what they are saying that what they are doing…

That’s Gotta Hurt


This has a bit to do with the Cirque de Soleil type characters… and we can add the supernatural creatures to the mix… since they tend to have unusual body parts sometimes… and they just… how can I explain this?… It just seems like it will hurt…

I honestly admire authors who take the chance to add sex scenes on their books because it’s not easy at all.. there’s a lot to think about and still try to make it believable to us… without being totally ridiculous..


What awkward and funny over the top sex scenes have you read? Let me know in the comments below…

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As Always

Happy Reading


3 thoughts on “The Hilarity Of Smutty Scenes

  1. I can’t remember what book of the top of my head or what exactly was being done but there have definitely been times where I’ve been reading a sex scene and I’m trying to picture the scene and I’m just like what that makes no sense how is that possible etc.

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