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2022 Bookish Trends


Hey fellow Bookworms, I want to discuss today Bookish Trends.. Personally I try not to get myself swayed by them.. In fact I don’t really pay that much attention to them, unless they literally explode and you can’t scape them because It happens.. they get to be so popular that you can’t ignore them to save your life –( Which explains why I do fail at that and end up with books that I might never read).

However, regardless of my feelings on trends in general, I thought it would be fun to especulate a little on what the new popular trend will be this year…

There are a few who are vying for that number one spot just by the amount of books coming out with that subject/setting. But in the end — we are the ones who will make it a hit or a miss… Which of these trends do you think will make the cut?

Asian Myths and Folklore

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I don’t think this trend has gone away… it has been around on and off these past few years but in 2022 is coming with a vengeance… We have Persian Mythology, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean… you pick and it will there.. And I’m here for that.. also aren’t those covers the most beautiful thing ever?

Witches and Magic Users

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This is the year of the witch… If you want God like powers, elemental magic, cyberpunk hybrid magic… any kind of magic on any type of setting you will find it this year..

Book Lover’s Spotlight

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As for the Rom Coms I was surprised by the amount that were set around Bookish themes.. being an Editorial setting, Writters, and just plain book lovers like ourselves… I support this trend wholeheartedly.

Food Aficionado

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Another trend that I found surprising was the one set in the food industry.. we have books about professional chefs, bakers, Ice cream Moguls (not kidding) So, I guess food is wetting out bookish appetite..

Of Course we still have remnants of past trends like, Home renovation, Reality TV, Dark academia but after my little research these are the top 4 trends that I found predominantly on the new releases for 2022…


Which will be your pick as the most popular trend for 2022? I would have to chose between Asian Mythology and Book related themes… I’m biased.. Let me know your picks for the new bookish trends in the comments below..

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As Always

Happy Reading


6 thoughts on “2022 Bookish Trends

  1. I’m hoping to add a book to that Asian pile, but I’ll need time to write and my internet connection back 😅 And happy new year, Michelle! I hope you’ve been well. I’m still struggling with the aftermath of the typhoon, hence why I’ve still not been around for the most part.


      1. Thanks, Michelle. We’re just dealing with some health emergencies at the moment but hopefully things are on the way to getting better. Hope you’re doing better too, and I’m looking forward to joining the rest of you at the book club 😊


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