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Sasaki To Miyano (Manga) By Harusono, Shou – Gushing Review


Hey guys; It’s been a while since I wrote a review that was not an ARC or previously requested… I have stated my thoughts about some books I read here and there but not a formal review — Until now, I just had to share the love for this manga that has me fangirling like crazy person (It’s not pretty) So, let’s get gushing…

Sasaki To Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano) By HarusonoShou

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  • Ongoing BL Manga Series
  • 8 volumes available (so far)

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

How can I start this gushing fest I’m dragging you guys into? 

Easy, this manga is the cutest, purify your dark soul kind of read. Once you start reading you’ll get a silly grin on your face and the world will fade away.


The story is about sexual awakening, discovering your feelings and eventually make them known to the person you’re crushing on.. Not really a brand new topic but the way the story is told with so much artlessness, so much ease while navigating everyday conflicts… Not angst, not suffering (for the most part) Just sweet cuteness.

The characters are so relatable, their inner reflections about how they are feeling  for each other is so realistic.. it surprised me, because it could have been a torturous road for both; discovering that you were falling in love with another guy and what that meant…but it was so well-balanced and the pacing is amazingly well done… that first discovery of attraction, their friendship and then the slow evaluation of what you are truly feeling… it’s just great.


It’s also such a funny perspective into the world of BL lovers (fudanshis and Fujoushis) Their crazy thought process pairing up everyone and creating a BL story out of thin air, It’s truly hilarious.

The side characters are awesome as well, not just there to further the plot but they are such a great support for Sasaki and Miyano.. and they each have their own distinct personalities and you want to get to know them and hang out with them… They bring perspective when needed as well as comic relief.

I would recommend this manga to those who haven’t ever read BL but are curious about it — It’s a great starting point.  And to those who are just looking for something that cleans your palate between heavier reads, that uplifts your mood, and that just makes you happy.. I read all 8 volumes in just a few days, it’s addicting and so easy to read.. So be warned.. you’ll get hooked.


Have you read this manga series? Have you watched the Anime? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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