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Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry – Book Review – Lost in Romance Book Club


Hey Fellow bookworms! As many of you know (or are finding out now) My friend Misty and I created a Goodreads Book Club called Lost in Romance. It’s coming along slowly, and we had our first read of the month which was Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry… And guys, I have thoughts… Let’s get to it..

Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry


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This isn’t the first book I read by this author and I have generally enjoyed her writing style… But this one miss the mark a bit for me. We chose this book because of the Small Town vibe, and it certainly had that… A city girl who moves to a Montana town in the middle of the mountains… to become the new sheriff? That sounded great. 

It has the “you don’t belong here” kind of treatment… which I could understand even if I found it a bit annoying at times… But what really bugged me was that this book didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be

We have a murder (It’s a bit of a romantic suspense)  and I was truly intrigued… because everyone believed them to be suicides.. and there had been many lately… it was an attention grabber.. what was going on?… But as it turns out that fell down the romance rabbit hole — 

Particularly when I read Romantic Suspense I need balance, I enjoyed the romance (Duh!) but I also want to know who the murder is, how are they going to catch them — In this book that got lost a bit… and the resolution seemed like a cop-out that came out of nowhere..

As for the “Romance” I wasn’t the biggest fan at first… They got involved too quickly and their interactions were either sex or told to us.. which I’m not a huge fan of… I like reading the banter between characters and seeing the relationship develop not being told that it is developing.

As a sidenote, this book also deals (a little) with a Family member who suffers from Dementia… this topic hit me singularly hard because it is something I am going through… I could relate with the feeling of impotence and sadness that this kind of mental health issue causes but it was very glossed over and merely used to further the plot which was a little disappointing..

Overall inspite of its short comings it’s not a bad book.. it does what it should, entertain but it’s not memorable in the long run..


Have you guys read this book? what are your thoughts about it? Let’s discuss in the comments below..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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