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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Exiles (Rift Walkers Book 1) by Rae Lewis 


Hey Fellow bookworms, I have for you today a not quite usual read for me.. a YA sci/fi story… which is not my genre to be honest (I’m more of a Fantasy/Paranormal connoseur) but that’s why we are here to get out of our comfort zone and recommend you guys accordingly… if I enjoyed it or if I didn’t .. Let’s get to it:

The Exiles (Rift Walkers Book 1) by Rae Lewis


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First, let’s get the aesthetic judgement out of the way. I really liked the look of this cover.. It gives intrigue to the story while maintaining a sci/fi feel..

I’m not a Sci/Fi reader.. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, but I guess I’m a bit pickier than with some other genres…

I need great imagery, I need to be transported to whatever world we are visiting, a planet, galaxy, even a spaceship and its workings… I need to be able to see it through the pages.. and not get lost with too much science and technical explanations (I don’t like science … sorry) unless they get cleverly intertwined within the story..

This book had that in spades. It’s an impressive debut novel.. I could feel myself right there with the crew, and going along for the ride.. I can easily picture life on a colonized moon… and I’m very curious about how the earth will be portrayed in the next instalment… It’s easy to follow and read.

It is a series and it does have a bit of a cliffhanger, but it flows very well, just leaving you with enough questions and twists to want to follow along the adventure..

The crew is awesome, each character is fun and their friendship just makes you smile… It also has hints of a slow burn little romance which just clicks for me… I couldn’t ask for more.. Adventure and a cute romantic storyline on the horizon..

If you want to enjoy some fast reading sci/fi give this a try…


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As Always

Happy Reading


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