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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Confessions of a Fangirl by Kirsten S. Blacketer


Hey Guys, I have the perfect sweet, cute and fun read for you today.. I was contacted by the author for review and as I checked out the book I thought it looked like a feel good kind of a read; which is perfect for me lately.. So after figuring out how good it actually was, here I am sharing with you all…

Confessions of a Fangirl by Kirsten S. Blacketer


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First, let me start with that cover.. I have mentioned before that the whole illustrated cover trend it’s getting a bit tiresome but in some cases it just works as it should.. this being one of them. It fits perfectly as an introduction to book and its tone.

This is a great story to pick up if you want to have a few hours of light and fluffy with a whole lot of fun on the side..

The characters are very funny in their interactions and the friendship is top notch.. I love when the support system of our main characters gets a little bit of a shine.. and when our main characters have a full life with their friends their work and everything around them.. it makes them more believable..

I could relate with our main girl’s obsession… I have fallen prey to that a few times.. not quite to that extreme, but you fellow fandom enthusiasts get it… It can be quite the rabbit hole..

The chemistry and the romance were very well done with all the right ups and downs to keep it interesting..

I would recommend this book to those who have enjoyed being part of a fandom at some point in their life (you’ll see yourself reflected here) and to those who just want uncomplicated fun.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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