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Arcs and Requested Reviews – In Ora: The Land of the Superior by Sotto Voce


Hey guys, I have a great recommendation/review for those of you who enjoy speculative fiction…I wasn’t quite sure about it but this book won me over, So let’s get to it:

In Ora: The Land of the Superior by Sotto Voce


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Okay, this book was way outside my comfort zone and I loved it.

It’s a story that will make you think. We have humanity divided, one claiming to be superior while the other sinks into ruin.. there’s no mistake a few parallels with some of our current day events (minus the sci/fi aspects of them)

But this book is more than just that it’s an internal journey of our main character, Luke who wants to save his friend and will do so at any cost ..His struggle feels genuine and so relatable.. it could easily be yourself in his shoes.

There’s a mix of sci/fi, Biology, and a bit of fantasy in this story and it worked great.. It has a great pacing that will not let you be bored, you’ll dive in and finish it in one go..


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As Always

Happy Reading


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