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Let Me Recommend – Groveling Heroes/Heroines


Hello fellow bookworms, we are back with another recommendation post… and this time around we have our favorite heroes/heroines groveling their hearts out…

It’s so satisfying to see someone that has been wronged get their comeuppance.. in the form of on your knees begging for forgiveness or extravagant out of this world gestures… It’s something that appeals to the bloodthirsty grudge holder little devil in me…

I have Changed

This can be considered more of a mix between second chance romances with a hint of (or a whole lot depending on the case) of groveling. Our remorseful heroes/heroines need to prove they have changed and that they won’t hurt their loved ones ever again..


  • Ghosted by J. M. Darhower 

My favorite second chance romance ever.. Our hero proves that he did indeed changed and wants to have a better life with his daughter and the woman he loves…


  • Silent Lover (Manhwa)

This is still ongoing, but guys the story is so good.. Our hero is literally an asshole in the begining – no remorse, no nothing – but when he realizes the damage he caused he does the most slow burning grovel… it’s awesome.

I need you to Forgive me.

In this case, our misbehaving heroes/heroines did a freaky number on their love interest… and they have now realized the error of their ways, but it might be too late… So they need to step up their game and beg their hearts out just to get a tiny chance — These are some of my favorites, I just love the angst… and to have a self-respecting protagonist that doesn’t easily forgive…


  • The Bridge Kingdom Series by Danielle L. Jensen

This has to do with betrayal for political gain, and even assasination attemps… of course what better way to ask for forgiveness than launching a life treathening rescue mission?


  • The Barbarian duet by Kiera Andrews

The second book of this duet is literally the hero trying to make ammends and I loved it… He was an a-hole after all and he deserved to suffer..

The toxic grovel

These are those stories that will have you saying OMG this is so wrong… and yet I love it…? What is wrong with me…


  • Unbreak my Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

This book is not for everyone, you will hate the characters, and they both are very damaged people, even if it doesn’t seem like it.. but I just couldn’t stop reading…


I hope you find a fitting story on my list that satisfies your craving for a good grovel. If you would like me to recommend some trope, character type, genre in particular or if you have some groveling heroes recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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