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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Blessing of the Black Wolves by J. S. Murphy


Hey fellow booklovers, how’s it been? I have been in a fantasy romance kick lately… and I’m so happy when I’m able to find new authors and books to read that cater to my craving… So let’s cut this intro short and let me get to the reviewing goodie…

The Blessing of The Black Wolves by J. S. Murphy


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This book was exactly what I needed.
I’m just craving fantasy romance lately and this tory delivered on that beautifully. It is an adventure, a journey you are taking along with the characters.. and I just don’t mean in the actual sense but with their relationship as well, how it develops and how they fall in love..
it was also great to see how resilient they were and how they dealt with all the hardships thrown at them.. I’m always happy to have realistically strong characters..
The world has this historical appeal mixed up with truly interesting folklore and myth.. magic, lore, and so many tidbits here and there… it works great… I want to travel there.
There are so many plot twist that will keep you on hooled to the book, you won’t want to put it down and miss anything. The pacing is spot on.
A truly enjoyable read. I hope you decide to give it a try, I’ll be waiting for the next book..


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As Always

Happy Reading


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