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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Golem by P.D. Alleva


Hello fellow bookworms, an elusive 5 star rating has appeared on my review bracket… I don’t give this rating lightly guys.. but this book was truly amazing.. and it was surprising as well because it’s a horror which is a genre that I don’t read as much anymore – I have gotten pickier with it. But let’s stop this rambling intro and get to the review..

Golem by P. D. Alleva


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I don’t read Horror as much as I used to because I tend to be more visual in my need to be scared.. But this story just blew me away..

I take back all those times I have said that Horror books don’t scare me. This particular one creeped me out, it is insidious, it gets to you .. and it’s not because of how graphic some scenes are.

Be very aware of any trigger warnings given, because this is not for the squeamish at all, I had to stop from time to time and take a breather – regardless of my craving to find out what happened next.

The plot is so cleverly written (and I’m going to be very vague about it because that’s exactly how you need to go into this nightmare). It’s told in 3 parts with hints of a investigative procedure… Sometimes you may feel as if it wasn’t all related but believe every detail counts.. A bit like the frankestein monster.. every part of it makes it work..

The characters are fascinating, their duality, their traumas and their effect on their lives.. and of Course there’s Golem which I’ll let you be surprised by (and you might thank me or curse me for it)

To call this book an experience it’s falling short on it, It has been a while since I got so deep into a horror book like this and I’m glad I got the chance to do so.

And if you are a fan of horror don’t hesitate and pick this book up.. it is mind blowingly good.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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