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Did I Read the Same Book??


Hey fellow bookworms, I have a reaction post with a twist today. A few weeks ago, after I finished one highly recommended book and felt Meh about it.. I started thinking how funny it is that what some love others just find it lacking, in some way..

That’s life, we don’t have to like the same things and that’s the beauty of it (or it should be — lately we seem to be going a little over the top sometimes.. But that’s another topic altogether) So I thought it would be fun to share my opinions about some books I loved that not everyone agreed with and vice versa…

Hope you enjoy this rambling and don’t forget that this is all in fun and I don’t mean to offend or disrespect anyone for disagreeing with me…

The Savage and the Swan by Ella Fields

Disappointing but okay..


I read this book for the Lost in romance book club, and it was recommended to me a while back because it is a fantasy romance… it has a decent rating on Goodreads and everyone raved about the romance in it… I was excited.. but it failed me. Where was the fantasy I was promised? It was severely lacking in that.. I can even say that it has just enough of it (a little mock-up world building) to be called a Fantasy romance.

I do agree that the chemistry between the main couple was good, but I wanted so much more… there were so many missed opportunities to make it great that I was struggling to finish.. So, I would be cautious when getting into this book – It’s not the worst book you’ll read, not really, but if you enjoy more adventure and actual fantasy and world building, I wouldn’t put this as my first choice..

Unhinged by Onley James

I guess I love lighthearted darkness??


I came across this book and its author by chance last year, and it made my top new authors of 2021.. I liked this story that much. What strikes me as funny about my discrepancies with some other readers about this book (it is fairly well loved for the most part) is that it apparently lacks ” darkness”.. I find that hilarious and surprising.

It is a MM romance between a psychopath and its  thirsty for revenge victim (not quite like that but kind of) and the main complaint was that it wasn’t twisted enough…and also that it was a little insta lovey (which I do agree, it was), but in a weird way it made sense to me and I truly liked the relationship even if it wasn’t fill with guts and blood… or it didn’t have as much as other dark themed lovers wanted. I think it was a middle ground of sorts because it does touch some triggering topics like child abuse. I did love it and have read every book in the series so far, so I guess I didn’t read the same book or I just got a different perspective from it.

Which books have got you wondering this same question… a popular one that got you bored? or a beloved story that nobody likes? Let me know in the comments below…


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As Always

Happy Reading


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