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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Sword and Sorcery Frostfire – Ethan Avery


Hey fellow bookworms, I haven’t been reading a lot of YA fantasy lately.. because I have been finding it difficult to stay connected to the stories. When something like this is happening it makes so rewarding when you find that book that blows you away.. and lucky for me this one did that..

Sword and Sorcery Frostfire – Ethan Avery


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Let me start with some shallowness.. isn’t this cover the cutest? I love this kind of illustrated covers.. Perhaps it’s the anime lover in me but it takes right into the adventure..

now let’s move on with this tagline..

Who’s right and who’s wrong is all a matter of perspective.

Right off the bat you know this is going to be good… and let me tell you it is. The one thing I enjoyed the most was the world.It ticks all the right boxes for any fantasy lover.. We have elves, magical creatures, dwarves and one powerful object that everyone wants to get their hands on.. And it is very richly built.

I also liked the characters and how we get to see dual storylines throughout the book … hence the matter of perspective and we learn quite a bit from both their perspectives and what they have to deal with, as well as grow with them while on their journey.

It’s fun to read, fast and entertaining. It’s an adventure and I have been missing one lately. I’m happy that I got the chance to experience it… And I’m looking forward to the next one.


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As Always

Happy Reading


2 thoughts on “Arcs and Requested Reviews – Sword and Sorcery Frostfire – Ethan Avery

  1. Sounds like a interesting read you have read and reviewed here. When reading fantasy, world building is a must and if an author wins on that score, it will probably win for me.


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