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Is it Bad that I forgot what My Favorite book Was About?


There comes a time in a bookworm’s life when you feel like your reading license should be revoked… that time has come for me, my friends… It took me by surprise, I’m not going to lie, but it has happened…

We bookworms brag about how many books a year, a month, a week, we read… how we love this or that genre… which are our go-to authors… how we adore to be wrecked inside, laugh out loud, seduced, be transported to an adventure in space or in any magical setting…and so on and so forth… we do this for years on end…


We preach to anyone who would listen how they are missing out on the fun of reading “that” book… We scream it from the top of all our social media platforms… in any shape or form we find the most appealing to our audience…

Until we hit rock bottom… 

I’m sure you are wondering by now what happened… well, the tittle of this post is a not very subtle hint to my bookish dilemma… Can I still call myself a bookworm if I can’t remember what the heck my supposedly favorite book was about?


I was going through my goodreads lists trying to do a ranking of my favorite books through time… It should have been fun, and it was for a time, but then I started noticing a pattern… Books I raved about years ago, 5 star-reads, multiple re-reads and I can’t remember a single thing about them… maybe the covers do look a bit familiar, but that’s it…

Can I still call them my favorites? Can I still call myself a bookworm if my memory is so spotty? How can I recommend you guys to read any of those books if I don’t really know what I’m talking about right now?… perhaps I did at that time and that gives a bit of comfort but… now… it’s just a mess…

What do you guys think? Please give some insight into this remorseful and hilarious take on how bad our bookish memory can get…


I hope you had some fun while reading my exaggerated dilemma but to be honest and taking out the drama, I was actually surprised while checking my Read list… I had forgotten about a fair amount of books I used to call favorites… In my defense, my poor little bookish brain can only take so much and with as many books as it ingest on a monthly basis … I guess forgetting is to be expected… right??


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As Always

Happy Reading


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3 thoughts on “Is it Bad that I forgot what My Favorite book Was About?

  1. Honestly, it’s not surprising at all that we can’t remember things we’ve raved about years ago. I usually forget books almost as soon as I’ve closed my book tbh. The true test of whether a book is my favorite is if I get sucked into its fanfiction, usually that helps me remember the details of the books longer and I end up spending so much time with the characters that I feel them inside my soul. It rarely happens though 😦


  2. Honestly I have the worst memory so forgetting what a book was about that I read years ago is normal and I don’t think it’s a bad thing especially when you read as much as we do. Heck my memory is so bad that I will forget the characters name in a book that I’m currently reading.


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