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What Ever Happened to..??


Hey fellow bookworms, today we have a slightly different kind of post.. A nostalgic one I would dare say…

Recently we have lost a few good authors due to old age, illness… and that actually got me thinking about those that I used to love and then I just stopped hearing about…

Either because they fell off the grid, postponed their work indefinitely (here’s looking at you George R Martin) or I just suck at keeping updated on things — I would lean more toward the second option to be honest… Let’s get to it:

Anya Bast – Dark Magick (2012)

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This is a paranormal romance series that came out in 2010. I devoured these books.. I love the humour in them, the action and adventure and we have mermaids, witches, goblins, you name it, trapped under a dome of sorts… They are trying to break free and you just go along with them for the steamiest ride…

It was a fun series and it is sad that she hasn’t published anything else since it ended.. I have no clue what happened, which I have a feeling will be a recurring theme, but if you want a fun paranormal read, check these books out.

Dianne Sylvan – Shadow World (2017)

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I love vampires, I always have and I always will… back in 2010 I was obsessed.. and finding a series that featured a kick-ass heroine who would become a vampire queen with the sexiest companion was a Godsend in book form… This is an urban fantasy treat if you like this kind of premise..

Sadly, the author hasn’t published anything else since 2017… Luckily, this series is complete, so no trouble there…

Olivia Cunning – Sinners on Tour (2017)

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Do you love the sexy, scorching hot, melt your panties kind of rock star romance? This series was all of that and more… the angst, the flammable content on every page… was… amazing. If you like that kind of theme,

I enjoyed reading this series so much back in 2011 when it came out (or was it 2010?) The author had published another rock star romance series but nothing else since 2019..

Kimberly Frost – Etherlin (2015)

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We have established that I adore Fae Romance.. and that isn’t a recent occurrence… Back in 2012, I loved finding little treasures of books with fae in them – they weren’t as popular as they are now. Which is why this duology of sorts made an impact. I always thought it would become a series.. the potential was there but … nothing happened in that regard.

The author did published other books featuring a witch, if I’m not mistaken, but nothing else since 2015

Madeline Sheehan – Undeniable (2017)

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How could I leave out one of my all time favorite MC romance series… This was the series that started it all for me when it came to MC books. I love the down and gritty feel it has.. no holds barred when it comes to language, drugs, violence and dark topics… which wasn’t as trendy back in 2012..

I do follow Madeline Sheehan on Twitter and she is quite active there, but no more books in this series since 2017.

Isn’t it amazing how we suddenly lose track of books, authors and series we used to love just a few years ago? It’s the curse of the bookworm .. so many new books to read and new favorite authors to find .. but regardless, credit, where credit is due… These were amazing reads for me when I got my hands on them and I still remember them fondly.

I hope this nostalgic rambling of mine will help you find some old goodies to check out or at least it will help me to find out what ever happened to… If you have, the scoop on any of these authors, just hit me with it in the comments below.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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