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Hey fellow bookworms.. Despite this vague title, I’m not going to preach on which social media platform is better.. that’s not what this is about at all.. I wouldn’t know where to begin with that and I already suck at keeping up with the ones I work with… and that is the spark for this weird post..

Blogging is the only thing that is not complete chaos in my life lately…, so for therapeutic reasons and peace of mind, I have been trying to get back into my regular posting schedule, but let’s back away from my mental breakdowns and get to the point… if there’s actually one (I’m not so sure sometimes)


The idea is to have at least 3 posts a week (best case scenario), but not only that, I also want to get back to my social media activities, which tend to be spotty at best (Instagram kicks my butt, and I haven’t been too active on Twitter either).

That’s why I came up with this daily recommendation on Social Media kind of thing… I know how many of you love to grow your TBR’s with new books to read (don’t we all?). And that is certainly a well that won’t dry out soon… so it’s a win-win for all of us..

So, I’m officially kicking off this crazy idea with my Fluffy Tuesday (for the cutest romances) and Adventure Wednesday (for the fantasy lovers)…

IMG_6604 Adventure rec

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As Always

Happy Reading


2 thoughts on “Social Media Recommendations

  1. I’m very sporadic with my posting on Instagram. I can’t seem to get on a schedule over there and I never know what to post but I’m trying to do better. All of that to say don’t stress over not being constantly active on all of social media. You do what you can and that’s all that matters.

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