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But it was Going so Well… His Revelry by Bailey Nicole


Hello book addicts! I wanted to do a different kind of review.. I’m sure many of you just like me have come across a kind of book that had you so engrossed, so consumed with it … at first… and then it all went downhill and you are left wondering what the heck happened?

These kinds of books are usually 3 or 2.5 stars and I don’t really bother to review them – but there are some exceptions that were so good (plotwise, characters, pacing) and then just crashed but still mange to linger in mind – that in itself it’s a feat worthy of a slighty ranty review…So let’s get to it..

His Revelry by Bailey Nicole


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I first picked up this book because I was going through this author’s backlist… I quite enjoyed what I had read so far and this book started out just angsty, mysterious and dark enough to pick up my interest… However, I should have known it would crash and burn because it is a Novella and I never have the best of luck when it comes to those..

It is a MM romance (sort of) between friends turned enemies turned lovers… Both come from the wrong side of the tracks and their familial environment isn’t the greatest as you can imagine. They strike a friendship that helps them push through their demons.. I loved that, I loved the bond they formed even if it wasn’t the healthiest of relationships.. it works in the story.

But it was a lot to unpack in such a short number of pages… we are going from the present where they are straged from each other and one of them is seeking revenge on the other (for reasons that could be petty to some but they make sense given the context of their relationship) which we only see through short flashbacks..

Steam Level


There’s so much set up for the steamy scenes (which are really hot.. not going to lie – the push and pull, the hate you but love you kind of thing it gets me every time. There’s a lot of chemistry between these two broken people)

But the overall plot suffers… The resolution happens so fast and conveniently with some out of the blue fixes to their situations that seemed weird.. or underdeveloped.

It was disappointing.. I enjoyed the overall idea and part of the execution, but it would have been so much better if it wasn’t so short. I still enjoyed the writing style and will keep my eye out for more of Bailey Nicole’s work…

Have you guys read anything by this author? Have you come across a book that started out great only to crash and burn in the end? Let me know in the comments below…


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Happy Reading


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