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Arcs and Requested Reviews – A Lovely Paradox by Mahiraj Jadeja


Hey fellow bookworms.. I’m in a position today that I don’t relish as a reviewer… when you are asked to read someone else’s work and give your opinion on it .. it’s a tricky thing for many reasons. I always strive for a respectful feedback. Because I know how hard it is to put your work out there to be judged..

A Lovely Paradox by Mahiraj Jadeja


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I’m an avid romance reader, and I was curious about the premise of this book.

Leaving your country for the sake of love? That alone, had the potential for a sweet and angsty story all at once. Sadly, this book had a few problems.

Let’s tackle what l iked.. The premise: meeting someone through social media and deciding to just leave everything else behind to be with them..

Hints of Hindi culture here and there.. but there could have been a bit more..

Quick and short read..

Now let’s move on to the ·issues· I found.. The ilation of the story was choppy.. and this novella needs a better editing work to make it work.. there were glaring mistakes on sentence structure that can easily be corrected and it would be fine.

I can tell English isn’t the author’s native tongue and I can relate to how difficult it is to write in a language that is not your own..

The sex scenes felt a bit gratuitous at times.. too many for such a short read… another thing an editor would point out…

I don’t think this is a bad book, it just needs a little bit more work..


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