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Inside The Book…Verse: “Ella Frank”


Hello fellow bookworms! How’s reading life? Verses are now a popular thing all around. We have them in comics, movies, TV shows and, of course, books..

A couple of popular ones that I’m certain most have heard about are the Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson) and the Grishaverse (Leigh Bardugo). And there’s, of course, the Omegaverse, but that’s a whole different thing… not for this particular topic..

With fantasy books and sci/fi, it’s very easy to build multiple worlds, timelines, stories and legends that can interconnect with each other; giving birth to a brand new universe…

But I have noticed lately that a few of the contemporary books that I have read have that same kind of feeling… whether it is a crime family that spans generations, or filial and friendships threaded together so seamlessly that just reading about each character makes you become a part of that particular universe..

So, helpful little bookworm that I am, I decided to share a few of my favorite non-traditional bookishverses…

Ella Frank

It’s no secret for anyone that has been following me that I have a slight obsession with MM romance (I’m hooked and can’t look back) One of my top tier authors in this genre is Ella Frank. Her writing is fun, engaging, entertaining and her characters are sweet, relatable and out of this world fun (Sebastian Vogel being my number 1)

But there’s something else that captures me with her books. It’s that feeling of the universe I mentioned above… many of her books are interconnected through family, work, friendships… and it’s incredible. Each character has their own story but we get to see and interact with them in every book and not just as an afterthought to link one book to the other, but as key parts of the story; because they influence the lives of our characters… I find that an amazing feat and such a fun experience as a reader..

Books that I link as part of her “universe” are:

Dare to try     81M-4UOk60L._CLa_3056,2500_81QIyPPjq4L.jpg,81eHFUxkTPL.jpg_0,0,1389,2500+1667,0,1389,2500+694,0,1667,2500_._SY300_

  • The Prime Time series
  • The Fallen Angel Series
  • The Bad Intentions duet
  • The Dare to Try series (with my favorite character ever)

And I’m still making my way through her books, so i might add a few more to this list.

If you enjoy reading about relationships, family, friends, work, in the most organic sense, don’t hesitate to give her a try… it’s a top tier recommendation from me.

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to keep listing a few more of this non-typical verses and what are your thoughts about it..


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As Always

Happy Reading


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