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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Battle for Verdana by Brett Salter (Talisman series #4)


Hello fellow bookworms, how’s life? I’m happy to say that at least reading wise I can’t complain… A few awesome books have fallen on my lap and as per usual I’m quite happy to share them with all of you.. So let’s cut the rambling short and get down to business…

The Battle for Verdana by Brett Salter (Talisman series #4)


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After giving a 5 Stars rating to a book in a series, to say that the expectations are high for the next one is an understatement… I’m happy to say that this book did not disappoint.

We continue our adventure alongside Rome, Julian and the rest of the team.. And I’m happy to see that they continue to grow as characters, without losing sight of them being teenagers…

They still deal with typical clashes with their parents and the angst that it causes, but they know what’s important and focus on it regardless.

I also enjoyed how the team is being formed; how they incorporate and complement their strong points as well as their weak ones..

It’s a great lesson to give to young readers and I appreciate that Brett Salter gives a lot of those interwoven within the story.

The world continues to be captivating. I’m the kind of reader who enjoys a good journey like story and this one has a lot of that throughout the series as well as action-packed battle scenes (with Dragons). It’s quite easy to picture while reading.. almost like watching an Anime… and I love that.

The hints of Arthurian Legend are also highly appreciated and the unexpected twists and turns will give you the push to continue on with our heroes.

As I said before, this is a wonderful read for young readers as well as not-so-young ones .. It’s entertaining, well thought out, humorous, touching and it will leave you with food for thought without you realizing it.

Don’t miss out on the adventure.


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Happy Reading


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