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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Before Dawn by Laura F. Murphy


Hey fellow bookworms, How’s it going? I have been a bit abcent lately because life gets the best of us from time to time and we need a break .. but  have been reading a lot and want to share it with you…

There will be a couple of requested reviews coming up and a few other things I put together to try and be more consistent with the blog.. so be on the lookout for that..

For now I have an amazing new book that will be coming out on September 5th and don’t give it second thought and pick it up.. It’s a thought provoking tale that will keep you entertained… An experience kind of book..

Before Dawn By Laura F. Murphy


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Okay, how can I get you to read this book with my review without spoiling it?

It’s going to be tough but I’ll give it my best shot.. Why? because this book needs to be experienced without too much information. Once you pick it up and set yourself in Max’s shoes, then we start on a hard-hitting journey.

Let me give you the upsides:

Great representation of diverse characters

Strong and captivating dialogue

Characters you will love and hate

Nice flow of the story and writing

Hints of mystery here and there

Hints of a forbidden relationship

The importance of family, and how knowing where You come from affects where you’re going.

And the point that brought this book home for me was self discovery.. Going from wanting to fit it at all costs to realizing how toxic and harmful that kind of drive is.. learning your limits and strenghts … Figuring out what truly matters.

Don’t go into this expecting something light or mildly intriguing.. This book will surprise you. It will make you reflect on how you view yourself and how much you value others’ opinions.. It will give you plenty to think about without you even noticing that you are doing it.

This is my first book by Laura Murphy and I will certainly be checking out her other work.. I hope you do too.

Her writing style is very gripping and her characters are relatable with their problems and reactions.. It feels like something anyone might live through, and that’s great for a reader..

I truly hope that you listen to this little bookworm’s advice and give this book a fair shot.. it will be worth it.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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