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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Only Ghouls and Horses by Dan Harris


Hey fellow Bookworms… I have been a little MIA because life sucks and we all know that … let’s not get into the messy stuff right off the bat. Hopefully, I will manage to be more in the thick of things from now on – Here’s hoping –

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Okay, complaining and self-plugging over, let’s get into the thick of things.. I have a few reviews coming up and funny enough I believe they work perfectly with the upcoming Halloween ( you guys know this is my favorite time of year)..

Only Ghouls and Horses by Dan Harris


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This was an interesting read for me..

I used to love reading Horror back in the day.. but it’s been a while. However, I was not expecting the mixture of laugh out loud Humour cleverly intertwined with the mystery and eeriness of the happenings of this book.

I loved Tom (our MC), he was endearing and so fun to read about.. His take on the tediously dull office life just to be thrust into paranormal shenanigans was hilarious, and so onpoint it was scary.

This is a short book but it’s so well paced for its length that it will keep you glued to the pages and looking forward to more.
There’s a bit of gore but not too much as to be offputting if you are not used to such things, It’s a perfect read if you want a palate cleanser between heavier books .. or if you just want something hilarious to enjoy.
I will keep my eye out for the next books..

But I strongly recommend this book for a fun Halloween read.


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Happy Reading


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