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Upcoming Releases that Caught my Eye – January 2023

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Happy Belated New Year my fellow bookworms! How’s it going? Are all your reading goals and your bookish resolutions (that we most likely won’t keep) set? Mine are.. kind of and I might discuss them in a future post (or not – I’m kind of playing by ear this year – not planning many things in advance). I don’t want to get overwhelmed with everything and just go with the flow..

I had stopped posting monthly releases because it was a bit stressful to be honest. So many books coming out and as much as I would love to read them all, I do not have the time or the money to do so. However, I missed sharing with you guys those upcoming books that I feel the need to read — those that speak to me..  Whether I do read them or not it’s anyone’s guess, but we can talk about them nonetheless.. Perhaps some of you will read them first and let me know if they are worth it.

Let’s get to the January releases that caught my eye..


Let’s start with the one I will get for sure… I’m obsessed with these books and I won’t let them pass by… the big question will be if they will be read in January or who knows when… Place your bets people…

The Muse By Emma Scott – RD: January 8th – MM Paranormal Romance, and I just devour anything she writes… it might not be right away but this baby is coming home with me.

Lor by Lily Mayne – RD: January 27th – MM Monster Romance.. equally obsessed with this series and I can assure you guys that this will be read as soon as it comes out.

The Choice by A. Jade – RD: January 19th – I love the kind of angst that Ashley Jade writes in her books and I will blindly read anything of hers.

The Wicked in Me by Suzanne Wright – RD: January 12th – I’m getting back into Paranormal romance and Suzanne Wright has always been a go-to author for me, so this release is perfect.


Now we are getting into procrastination territory… I’m not going to talk about each of the books, but I will admit to needing to continue or start the series… shameful as it might be. I do love these authors and I have read many of their works before and I’m into the premise of these new releases… we’ll see if they’ll become part of the family…

Recovery Road by Christine Feehan  – RD: January 24th (Torpedo Ink Series) – This is book 8th and I just read the first one… lot of catching up to do..

Jasper Vale by Devney Perry – RD: January 31st (The Edens series) – This is book 4 and I have read the first two… one I loved and another not so much, so I’ll take my time with this one.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher – RD: January 31st (Dreamland Billionaires series) – This book is all about the hype and that scares me… I haven’t read any of the books in this series, but I’m intrigued.

Feral Bond by Michelle Hercules – RD: January 6th?? (Blue blood Vampires) – This is the 5th book in this series, I have read the first two and want to continue on… I’m still uncertain if it will be released this January though.

Vengeful Rotten Casualties by Lucy Smoke – RD: January 6th (Sick Boys series) – This is a funny story. I have read a few books in this series but not in order … this is the 7th book.

The Hate Sick Diaries by Saffron A. Kent – RD: January 10th ( St Mary’s Rebels) –This is Book 5 and I only need to catch up with book four.


Finally, these are the new books that will be added to my ever growing TBR just because they sound like my kind of torture…

Burn Butterfly Burn by Reese Rivers – RD: January 20th

Destroy Me by Michelle Heard – RD: January 9th

A Cage so Gilded by Ingrid Seymor – RD: This was changed to February 2nd

Broken Beauty by Honey Palomino – RD: January ?? Not sure when exactly

Claimed by the Monster by Jessica Grayson – RD: January 26th

As I said before, the big mystery isn’t if I’m going to like this books (which could be) but when will I read them … who knows, but as of this moment of rambling I would love to.

How about you? What are the new releases that you would love to read this January? Let me know in the comments below.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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