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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Hive by Jeremiah Ukponrefe


Hey fellow bookworms, how’s your reading going? I was asked to read a book that was a bit out of my usual range but that’s the fun of being a reader and book blogger trying new things from time to time and guys I have a treasure for those of you who love Sci/fi … Let’s get to it…

Hive by Jeremiah Ukponrefe 



I’m not a huge Sci/Fi reader. But I’m always open to trying books that may seem outside my comfort zone, especially to lend a hand to new authors getting their work out there.

Let me tell you that this book deserves to be let out there. It was a fun ride, almost like reading an Independence Day-like movie.

We have a Dystopic future where Aliens have destroyed the earth and the Collective is trying to restore it to what it once was, but things aren’t always that simple… We have secrets and plot twists that will keep you guessing right with a very action-packed storyline.

I really enjoyed the world we are set in but I would have liked a bit more contrast with the world before…

Now we get to the nitpicking part of the story… The characters were okay and I enjoyed reading them. They didn’t hinder the plot or become annoying (which is always a plus), however I would have loved to have a bit more backstory, a few flashbacks showing us what they were like before or just letting us connect a bit more with them on an emotional level and not just as guides through this world.

Overall, it was a very fun read and I’m happy to have been able to enjoy it, but let me warn you that it does end on a cliffhanger and I’m looking forward to the next one.


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