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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Huntsman by Aedan Sayla


Hey fellow bookworms! Have you guys ever come across a book that you are not quite sure how to rate and review? This happened to me right at this moment… I was giving it a lot of thought because I’m an emotional reviewer and in this case I can’t say that the book in question is badly written or unisteresting but it did made a bit uncomfortable… if you want to know more, let’s get to it..

The Huntsman by Aedan Sayla


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This was a hard review to write.. Honestly,

Why, you may ask.. well.. This book is pitched as a Christian Erotica and from the start I was a bit intrigued and non-plussed by that. I truly didn’t know what to expect and I’m still not quite sure what I had read.

First, it’s a very well written Dystopian plot, it has a nice flow to it and the characters are interesting, to say the least, so that was not the problem at all.

Neither was the erotic aspect of the book and I understand some may feel uncomfortable with a few scenes, but if you are a dark romance reader like I am, it won’t be as shocking.. I guess.. it all depends on your tolerance and triggers, as many books do these days.

What didn’t fit well for me was the religious aspect of the book. I understood how devoted our female lead was and even her “talking to God”, but at times it felt like a deus ex machina cop out.. and It was awkward for me to read about so much sex with religion entertained.

It was an experience, and I can’t say that it was a bad book at all.. it just wasn’t my cup of tea and I’m amazed by that.

So, if you are looking for a unique kind of ride, you might want to give it a try.


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