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Upcoming Releases that Caught my EYE – March 2023

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Hey fellow bookworms, How’s life? I know this post may be a little late since we are almost a week into March, but better late than never to talk about new possible bookish obsessions… right?

I have been in my MM romance kick for the past few days and bingeing a few series… I blame: For the fans by Nyla k and Bookstagram for this – I’m totally blameless it’s all their fault…

Anyway, I still have a few new releases that intrigue the heck out of me and don’t worry, we’ll be jumping right in …

Gargoyle’s Captive by Katee Roberts

41i+vgWleiL - copia

This whole monster series has bee a bit of a hit or miss for me but I’m willing to give it another shot..

Rogue by Elle Kennedy


I still need to read Misfit but Elle Kennedy is my queen so … no question

Bad Mother by Mia Sheridan

41TPZ8x+DIL - copia

It’s been a while since I read a Mia Sheridan book but she has such a unique style and I’m quite intrigued by how it will mix with the thrillery vibes…

Wanted More by B. Celeste

41YJc+cpA2L - copia

I’m ready to get my heart broken, stomp out and put back together again… enough said

Lovely Violent Things by Trisha Wolfe


Dark and twisted goodness…

What Lurks between the Fates by Harper L Woods

51Lok6gLGhL - copia

I need to catch up, I loved the first book in this series and I’m back into Fantasy Romance so I might as well put in the effort…

Fool me Once by Ariana Nash


My Fantasy Mm Romance queen … of course I’m getting this asap…


These are just a few of the books that I’m eager to get my hands on… there are a few more that I can’t help myself to need because their covers are so pretty but I’m trying to be a responsible bookworm with you guys…

Which are your anticipated releases?


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As Always

Happy Reading


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