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My Paranormal Romance Recommendations

This certainly brings back memories, Paranormal Romance was one Sub Genre I used to devoured. In the past year and a half or so, I've moved away from it quite a bit, but I still pick a book or two from time to time. It was certainly a very popular genre when Twilight came out… Continue reading My Paranormal Romance Recommendations

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My Sci/Fi Recommendations

I'm not much of a Science Fiction reader which I've always found strange since I do enjoy Science Fiction in movies and TV series. Even so I have found a few books and series that I think are quite entertaining. All of these have a Science fiction element (aliens, space travel, superpowers, robotics, etc) mixed… Continue reading My Sci/Fi Recommendations

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My Fantasy Books Recommendations

In real life I don't usually tell people to read this or that book, maybe because I don't have that many friends that love reading as much as I do. And also because I'm not always sure that the books that I like will be enjoyed by others as much as me, it always feels… Continue reading My Fantasy Books Recommendations

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Release Date and New Cover – Hideaway By Penelope Douglas

I had to share this, I love the Devil's Night Series and this is one of my highly anticipated new releases of this 2017. I'm in complete fan girl mode right now. It's coming out August 22nd, 2017  It's up for pre- order now Hideaway by Penelope Douglas (2nd book in the Devil's Night series)… Continue reading Release Date and New Cover – Hideaway By Penelope Douglas

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Favorite Bookish Tropes and some Recommendations

I recently discussed Bookish Tropes here on the blog, what they are, and why I think we love or hate them so much. I don't mind them so much, in fact I happen to have a few favorites and of course some that I'm just tired of seeing everywhere. I wanted to share with you… Continue reading Favorite Bookish Tropes and some Recommendations