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Bookish Marathon – Series to Binge Read

Hello fellow bookworms... Binging something has become the norm for most of us... be it a TV show, an Anime, a K drama.. ¬†a movie franchise .. they are even being produced with that in mind (I'm looking at you Marvel Universe) So, of course, books would be no different.. However, there are some stories… Continue reading Bookish Marathon – Series to Binge Read

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Social Media Recommendations

Hey fellow bookworms.. Despite this vague title, I'm not going to preach on which social media platform is better.. that's not what this is about at all.. I wouldn't know where to begin with that and I already suck at keeping up with the ones I work with... and that is the spark for this… Continue reading Social Media Recommendations

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A Guide to Reading Brandon Sanderson – Guest Post

Hey fellow bookworms, if you have been paying attention to bookish news lately you must know how Brandon Sanderson is a hot commodity right now with his new kickstarter.. Which I find the most ingenious way to cut off the middle man and deliver to his fans new bookish content.. (while making a lot of… Continue reading A Guide to Reading Brandon Sanderson – Guest Post

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Let Me Recommend – Groveling Heroes/Heroines

Hello fellow bookworms, we are back with another recommendation post... and this time around we have our favorite heroes/heroines groveling their hearts out... It's so satisfying to see someone that has been wronged get their comeuppance.. in the form of on your knees begging for forgiveness or extravagant out of this world gestures... It's something… Continue reading Let Me Recommend – Groveling Heroes/Heroines