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Historical Romance Recommendations

Before Paranormal Romance and Fantasy (urban and traditional) became all the rage, before all the hype of BDSM (a la 50 shades) and CEO's and biker romances were everywhere.. there were Historical Romances (All with their cheesy covers, because let's face it some do have very cheesy covers). I used to read a lot of… Continue reading Historical Romance Recommendations

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Help Wanted! What Should I read Next?

Book series are great, you get to have so much to read of your favorite characters, Yaaayyy!! Well, that's cool until you look back to your TBR and notice how many series you have added and have yet to read. In this case I haven't even started some of this and I'm not even quite… Continue reading Help Wanted! What Should I read Next?

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My Urban Fantasy Recommendations

Along with Paranormal Romance this was a genre that I used to read a lot of, I devoured almost every series that got in to my hands (even if later on I decided not to finish one or two) I love it although I'm not reading quite as much as I used to, it has… Continue reading My Urban Fantasy Recommendations

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My New Adult Recommendations

This is supposed to be a post about book recommendations but in this particular case I'm going to recommend Authors. Why? because when it comes to New Adult I have found that this little group of Authors write exactly the kind that I love to read about. Their stories are filled with angst, chemistry, humour,… Continue reading My New Adult Recommendations

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My Paranormal Romance Recommendations

This certainly brings back memories, Paranormal Romance was one Sub Genre I used to devoured. In the past year and a half or so, I've moved away from it quite a bit, but I still pick a book or two from time to time. It was certainly a very popular genre when Twilight came out… Continue reading My Paranormal Romance Recommendations