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Soul Ripping Romance Tag

Thanks to Patty@moonshinerscorner for tagging me for this (I like doing tags and let you guys know a bit about my tastes like this) Go check out her answers they're really soul ripping the stories, the ones she picked out. This tag was originally created by Nel@reactionarytales (very cool tag by the way) The Guide: Thank… Continue reading Soul Ripping Romance Tag

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Why Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This is a frequently used expression, right? We have heard it a lot and not only regarding books but everyone at some point is guilty of doing just that. A book cover is the first meeting impression you get with a book. Your visual connection to the story… Continue reading Why Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Greek Mythology Book Tag

I'm a huge Greek Mythology junkie, I love the lore and the legends, the various Gods and stories that revolve around it. When I saw this tag that Chloe at Forever Fictional posted I knew that I couldn't pass it on, I had to do it. I believe the original tag is here at reader's… Continue reading Greek Mythology Book Tag

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Books That Made Me Watch Anime

Unusual title, right? Who would have thought that these two very different things would mix? But inspiration is a funny thing, we get inspired by the smallest things to pick up or talk about the most peculiar subjects, like in this case I decided to use my sudden Fantasy Anime Fever to ramble about. A… Continue reading Books That Made Me Watch Anime

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The Book Cake Tag

It's my Birthday this week and roughly I've been blogging for a month now so I wanted to do a celebratory tag and what better to celebrate  than Cake right? Even if it's not quite real. (Now I want real cake 😦 ) Let's get back on track here, this tag was originally started on… Continue reading The Book Cake Tag