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Books You won’t Believe I haven’t Read… (Yet)

Hey fellow Bookworms, How's life going? It's going quite fast in my humble opinion... we are smacked at the middle of the year already, and it's time for a little recap of bookish things - plus it's bloggaversary month so let's check out how good of a bookworm I've been.. hint.. hint.. Not a good… Continue reading Books You won’t Believe I haven’t Read… (Yet)

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What Ever Happened to..??

Hey fellow bookworms, today we have a slightly different kind of post.. A nostalgic one I would dare say... Recently we have lost a few good authors due to old age, illness... and that actually got me thinking about those that I used to love and then I just stopped hearing about... Either because they… Continue reading What Ever Happened to..??

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Let Me Recommend.. Fantasy Romance

Hey fellow bookworms, today I'm in the mood to get you guys reading Fantasy Romance... How am I going to do that? Simple, I'm just giving you the best options out there -- That I know about (Just FYI).. I put together a list (shocking, I know) with some all-time faves, some new releases and… Continue reading Let Me Recommend.. Fantasy Romance

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Love, Hate and Meh! of 2021 (Manga Edition)

I can't believe we are on the last stretch of 2021... Talk about a rough couple of years right? As usual it's time to start our bookish rankings of what was good, what was bad and what was just plain meh!. This past year I had an unusual reading year; I was mostly focused on my Arcs and requested… Continue reading Love, Hate and Meh! of 2021 (Manga Edition)