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The Candy Book Tag

  When I saw this at Beth's blog Reading Every Night  I thought what could be better for Halloween than a Tag about candy? I'm celebrating my Halloween all through the month of October and I'm doing my best to keep my posts and tags as Halloweeny as possible... so, candy is really important for this… Continue reading The Candy Book Tag

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Book Boyfriends (Supernatural Edition)

Before we get into the thick of things let me warn you, if you don't want to read about the gushing and fangirling of fictional characters then ....Run while you still can... because this might not be the post for, skip this craziness and be sure to come back to any of my regular… Continue reading Book Boyfriends (Supernatural Edition)

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Horror Movies Vs Horror Books

Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are having a great Fall or Spring or whatever season it might be on your little corner of the world... I'm continuing my sort of Horror/Books/movies discussion posts (It's Halloween!!! so I don't need to explain why, right?) And with the recent release of The new IT movie, I thought… Continue reading Horror Movies Vs Horror Books

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Upcoming Releases to Ramble About – October 9, 2017

This week has a few new to me authors and books with intriguing Blurbs that made my one click finger eager to shop...(I need to control's such a hard work when you are as addicted to books as I am)...Let's get to the goodies... In Pieces - Danielle Pearl Three years ago she was… Continue reading Upcoming Releases to Ramble About – October 9, 2017

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Horror Movies Book Tag

I saw this tag at readingwithrendz when I was looking for a fun Halloween tag to do..and it's of the things that I truly enjoy about October it's all the horror movie marathons so, a tag about horror movies was a matched made in heaven... I'm so in the mood for it.. Rules Please… Continue reading Horror Movies Book Tag