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Reading day in this Unglamorous Book Blogger’s life

Hello Guys! It's 7:00 am in my little corner of the world and I'm in the mood to do a Vlog in writing... (guess that would be a blog... LOL) I truly enjoy watching those reading Vlogs on Youtube that sometimes don't have any reading in them.. at all.. mind you... but I can't for… Continue reading Reading day in this Unglamorous Book Blogger’s life

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#TropeAthon Round 2 TBR list

I'm free as a bird from actual TBRs for the rest of the year minus little lists like this beauty and any other readathon/challenges I pick up along the way... #TropeAthon is back.. and it starts in 2 days... so let's get ready for another week of tropish goodness.. Quick reminder: we have our social… Continue reading #TropeAthon Round 2 TBR list

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Flip The Page Challenge

I love watching BookTube and this challenge has been going around and I find it hilarious to be honest... you could end up with a great new life or one that literally doesn't make any sense... But I'll let Jesse The Reader The creator of this challenge explain it better... Since I'm not filming myself (because NOPE)… Continue reading Flip The Page Challenge

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Taking Diversity Too Far

I know guys, It's like the third time I'm discussing this particular subject on my blog... but what can I do? It certainly has quite a punch and new things about it (albeit quite irritating) keep popping up.. So, I need to vent... Let me just start by saying that I'm not anti-diversity per se… Continue reading Taking Diversity Too Far

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Upcoming Releases to Ramble About – October 15, 2019

After the craziness of last week's new releases...We are still on roll guys, lots of new books to ramble about and juggle the budget for.. Hope some of these tickle your fancy... It's what brings you guys to my little corner of the blogosphere I hope... Let's get to them... Reaper - Larissa Ione THE DEMONICA SERIES… Continue reading Upcoming Releases to Ramble About – October 15, 2019