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Let Me Recommend.. Fantasy Romances for Tropeathon

Hey guys! I'm back as usual with my recommendations (you guys know how much I love telling everyone what books to read.. Don't we all?) for TropeAthon.. And this is a very cool one because it is all about fantasy and I love that... so get ready to increase your TBR tenfold.. There are 15… Continue reading Let Me Recommend.. Fantasy Romances for Tropeathon

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My Impossible Tropeathon TBR

Hey fellow book addicts! How's everything going? It's crazy to think that we are so very close to the end of 2022 (and to be honest I just want it over.. this year has not been kind to me). But let's put that aside and talk about happier and more challenging things, shall we? Tropeathon… Continue reading My Impossible Tropeathon TBR

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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Esperance by Heather Frost

Hey fellow bookworms, I'm back with another review. If you know me, (if you have been a follower for a while), you know that I take my five star ratings very seriously.... I don't give them lightly. I have plenty of books that I adore that are 4 starts because there's always a little tiny… Continue reading Arcs and Requested Reviews – Esperance by Heather Frost

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What is a Reader?

Some might say that, having been a blogger for six years already, I should know the answer to this question... and I did (I still do mostly) the simplified version of it, because recently we seem to be overcomplicating everything... At least I know the dictionary version of it - which should be enough to… Continue reading What is a Reader?