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Chat and Coffee with Author Maxwell F. Hurley

Hey fellow bookworms, Today I'm chatting with author Maxwell F. Hurley. His LIT series is available for purchase if you enjoy a fun supernatural YA story (check out my review). Let's get the conversation going: Me: 1. How do you structure your work, on a book by book basis or an overall plotline for the… Continue reading Chat and Coffee with Author Maxwell F. Hurley

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Let Me Recommend.. Small Town Romance

Hey Guys, It's been a hot minute since I recommended something... More or less, and since what we are reading in the Lost in Romance book Club is a Small town Romance .. I thought why not talk about that.. Small Town Romance is a very generous sub genre in Romance.. We have vibe and… Continue reading Let Me Recommend.. Small Town Romance

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2022 Bookish Trends

Hey fellow Bookworms, I want to discuss today Bookish Trends.. Personally I try not to get myself swayed by them.. In fact I don't really pay that much attention to them, unless they literally explode and you can't scape them because It happens.. they get to be so popular that you can't ignore them to… Continue reading 2022 Bookish Trends

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The Hilarity Of Smutty Scenes

Hey guys! How's everything going? As I'm sure most of you know I'm a Romance reader at heart.. Even if I do add some other genres to my repertoire, I always go back to what makes me happy and that's Romance... Particularly Smutty Romance.. Smutty Romances are a fun thing to read all on its… Continue reading The Hilarity Of Smutty Scenes