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Binge Reading a Genre/Trope

Hey fellow bookworms! How are you doing today? Apparently I'm on a chatty mood this week because I have another discussion for you. I have talked about my reading habits a few times here on the blog ... Funny posts, get to know me post, unusual posts... a bit of everything really (check them out if… Continue reading Binge Reading a Genre/Trope

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The .. “It’s not You, It’s me” .. Review

Hey bookish people! How's your reading going? I can't complain about my reading year so far (I do have many other karmic complains -- God? Please? but let's take a breath and move on, you guys aren't here for my whining) I have read a lot of books that were on my backlist TBR -- Awesome! -- Many other new ones… Continue reading The .. “It’s not You, It’s me” .. Review

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OMG! These Books!

Hello fellow bookworms, I have a review/fun discussion for you guys today.. Have you ever read a book and after turning the last page you have no clue what to rate it? In fact you don't even know how to describe it... Not because it wasn't enjoyable, because you did enjoyed reading it.. but there's something… Continue reading OMG! These Books!

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Can a Character Save a Whole Book?

These Past few months I have read quite a few books that are mostly character driven stories... And surprisingly, they are among My favorite books of The year... As readers We all have different tastes and We look For different Things that will engage our attention... Sometimes it can be an action packed story, others a more laid Back and… Continue reading Can a Character Save a Whole Book?

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Let Me Recommend – Olympic Inspired Sport Romances

Hello everyone! Finally the Tokyo Olympics are under way ... and what better excuse to pick up my traditional recommendations post. I'm going to go all out on this one.. there's going to be olympic themed romances, sport romances based on some olympic sport... and even a few that aren't quite summer olympics but who… Continue reading Let Me Recommend – Olympic Inspired Sport Romances