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Five Years and Counting — Blogaversary

I cannot believe that I have done this For 5 years already... Where did the time go? I'm still a bit iffy About counting 2020 For obvious reasons... It was The year from hell and the blog wasn't active for at least half of It. The other half was a sporadic mess... Yet, I did… Continue reading Five Years and Counting — Blogaversary

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Let Me Recommend – Romance Books Dealing with Mental Health

Hey guys it's been a hot minute since I wrote a recommendations post -- even if I'm sneakily recommending books all the time -- It's been a rough year (understatement of the century) and I'm not up to my usual machine like reading schedule... So, I didn't want to repeat myself again and again, so… Continue reading Let Me Recommend – Romance Books Dealing with Mental Health

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A Reviewer’s Minefield

Hey Guys! I have been Book Blogging for 5 years now... (I'm mindblown about that myself let me tell you..) And within those years I have reviewed quite a few books, Arcs, Manga... comes with the territory. Sadly that territory has become a minefield lately. Personally, I'm truly thankful that I haven't been on the receiving end of any… Continue reading A Reviewer’s Minefield

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More Than Meets the Eye – Manga Characters (male)

You know how we preach that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover? only to go and do just that.. Don't lie we all do it...Sometimes we are not even aware we are doing it.. That's what this series of posts is all about (at least I hope so). I want to talk about… Continue reading More Than Meets the Eye – Manga Characters (male)

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A Guide to Reading Dark Romance

Dark Romance.. I don't think there's a sub-genre of romance as polemic as this one... And How could It not be? When It touches on dubious consent, violence, grey moral values, hardcore bdsm practices, prostitution, slavery, all those little subject matters that can easily make anyone uncomfortable.. especially today, so it not a huge surprise that it has… Continue reading A Guide to Reading Dark Romance