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How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

Since I went crazy last month with my Readathons -- I got into 3 almost one after the other -- And came out mostly unscathed (a sleepless night here and there) and with an awesome tally of 21 books read... I think that pretty much entitles me to give advice on how you can accomplish the same... (I'm the epitome of modesty aren't… Continue reading How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

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#TropeAthon Recommendations

I couldn't let you guys go in blind into #Tropeathon ... No, I need to give you something to start you with... So, I'm naming a few books per prompt.. I want you to have room to wiggle around your TBR... And there's the bonus loophole round for those that aren't quite so much into romance -- I know, how… Continue reading #TropeAthon Recommendations

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Announcing #TropeAthon — Come join us Guys!!

    Hey Guys!! I'm so incredibly happy to be making this announcement... I'm hosting my very first Readathon!!! Yayyy!! .. I have wanted to do something like this for a while now but I didn't want to take the leap by myself (why do this alone if I could find awesome fellow bloggers to help me out and suffer along… Continue reading Announcing #TropeAthon — Come join us Guys!!

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#Romanceopoly April Update — I got sidetracked…

Hello there guys! I can't believe that April is almost over and .. now I have another Romanceopoly update to give... I was supposed to (which truly means that I wanted to) participate in the first readathon that took place on the 8th... but my life is a mess and even though I did a… Continue reading #Romanceopoly April Update — I got sidetracked…

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#Romanceopoly Update – March 2019

It's time for another #Romanceopoly Update... By the time I'm writing this there are still at least 10 days left of March but since I haven't been having the best of luck this Month.. I decided to skip ahead and let you guys know how I'm doing.. so far... and what I hope to accomplish… Continue reading #Romanceopoly Update – March 2019