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Top Tier Reads of 2022

Hey Fellow Bookworms, How's life going so close to the end of the year? Kind of the end I guess; it would depend on when exactly I decide to publish this but I digress... It's time for recaps and the best of lists, the good, the bad and the ugly of our reading life... I've… Continue reading Top Tier Reads of 2022

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Books I’m excited for.. Kind of..

Hey fellow bookworms, It's that time of year again; the time of recaps where we share our top books of the year, our total flops, and what we are looking forward to getting into next... This year has been really good for me reading wise, but it has also been strange. I'm a mood reader,… Continue reading Books I’m excited for.. Kind of..

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What is a Reader?

Some might say that, having been a blogger for six years already, I should know the answer to this question... and I did (I still do mostly) the simplified version of it, because recently we seem to be overcomplicating everything... At least I know the dictionary version of it - which should be enough to… Continue reading What is a Reader?

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Tropeathon is Back!! – Come Join us.. Nov 14th-Dec 4th

Hey fellow bookworms, if you have been following me for a while you know that my friend Misty and I host a readathon a few times a year called Tropeathon -- and if you are new here, well, it's a readathon about favorite tropes with a few twists. Everyone is welcome whether you are a… Continue reading Tropeathon is Back!! – Come Join us.. Nov 14th-Dec 4th