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Book Blogger Pep Talk – We Need it Sometimes

Hello Fellow Bookworms, and book bloggers... I'm a little on the downside on the emotional rollercoaster that is my life.. hence the tittle of this post. I just need to give myself a pep talk, and I thought why not do one that might benefit someone else out there that's feeling not so great? So, here we are.. Getting ready for a blogging pep talk, because even if we are our number one fan (we created our site after all) and are (or we should be) full of enthusiasm and ideas to share.. we are also our worst enemy because stats and numbers suck (they are the source of all evil, I tell you)... I'm one of those people that suffers from holiday blues from time to time, I guess looking… Continue reading Book Blogger Pep Talk – We Need it Sometimes

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The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

I found this very fitting Book tag over at Pucks and paperbacks even though is an oldie... it's one of those that remains present regardless of when it was first created, so let's jump right in.. Questions 1) Anticipation: The Christmas excitement is real, what book release(s) are you most anticipating? 2) Christmas Songs & Carols: What… Continue reading The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

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Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

OMG! When I read this title, I wasn't thinking of actual cheese but more along the lines of something silly... And then I realize it's about the eating kind of cheese and I thought it was hilarious so here I am doing this tag that Kyera's Library posted on her blog... Let us enjoy the cheese... RULES: Tag the Original Creator: Fire and Rain Books Have fun! 1. CHEDDAR THE CLASSIC CHEESE: PICK YOUR FAVORITE CLASSIC NOVEL. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen… Continue reading Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

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Literary Halloween Book Tag

First time I have tried something like this with a tag ... I'm doing a translated Tag hope it works out.. The original source it's in Spanish and you can find it at El Rincon de Larelop if you are so inclined... anyway the tag goes like this.. Questions Name a Character that you would kidnap… Continue reading Literary Halloween Book Tag

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Please Don’t Tell Book Tag

I have tried a couple of times to do original tags... But it always seems like someone has done something similar or I just don't feel inspired by the topics left to work with... this time around, I just though why not make something that mixes up a little of unpopular opinions with embarrassing situations...and this is the result... I'm not claiming ownership completely… Continue reading Please Don’t Tell Book Tag