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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Fairest by Sophia Zaccaria

Hello guys! I have the perfect book for those who love retellings... As I have mentioned before this past year has been quite fruitful when it comes to reading different styles... mostly because of Arcs and requested reviews and I'm pretty happy about that... this is one of those hidden gems that shouldn't be missed..… Continue reading Arcs and Requested Reviews – Fairest by Sophia Zaccaria

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Unusual Reading Habits

Hey guys, can you believe We are more Than halfway through 2021? These Past year and a half has been ... I don't Even have words to describe It... The ups and Downs have been enough to drive anyone crazy, Which Is Why We need our safe haven... Reading and Blogging It's many of… Continue reading Unusual Reading Habits

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Themes I Hate in Books

A while Back I shared with you guys all those amazing Topics that will keep me going Back to reading a particular book over and over (if you are curious about which they are go here)... So, I thought.. since My taste in book Is evolving and The Things I enjoy have changed slightly... Those that I… Continue reading Themes I Hate in Books

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Books You’ll want to Devour

Hey fellow bookworms, I'm Back with a review/recommendation/gush fest ... Because Why not put all three together and call It a day, right? I have read more Than I thought I would this year ( I'm still dealing with some family difficulties and I was hesitant About What would happen with It all ) But I have to… Continue reading Books You’ll want to Devour

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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Infinite Love Series By Kira Adams

Hey Guys! No ranting this time... LOL... I have for you a YA, New Adult series that comprises four books.. And let me tell you that you need to check it out.. I can't be the only one tearing up like a lunatic while reading this... It will hit you straight in the feels and… Continue reading Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Infinite Love Series By Kira Adams