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What are Book Bloggers accountable For..?

Hey guys, I apologize for the spotty schedule I have been keeping lately. Let's just say that it's been a rough time for me and I'm still struggling to get back to normal (or as normal as I can)... But I'm giving it my best.. Moving on.. A couple of weeks ago I posted a… Continue reading What are Book Bloggers accountable For..?

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Are Book Bloggers Truly Appreciated?

Hey guys, I'm back with another discussion about Book Blogging and how it sometimes feels like we are extras in a movie, you know.. you need them there and they are helpful but not many pay attention to them.. or do they? Are we Book Bloggers truly appreciated? I would say it's a complicated answer... (when isn't… Continue reading Are Book Bloggers Truly Appreciated?

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Reading Through The Pandemic

Hello guys! I'm still alive and kicking as you must know if you follow me on Twitter (Sadly I have been missing from Instagram as well), anyway, this whole year has been one heck of a mess for everyone I'm sure. The Pandemic came to kick our butts, the many protests around the world, the… Continue reading Reading Through The Pandemic

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Blogging or Vlogging?

When another year passes and you are still doing something you love (even if it surprises you) and you are pretty much satisfied with how evething is going, there's always that nagging part of our brains that keeps telling us that maybe we should do this differently or add some flare... here and there... You… Continue reading Blogging or Vlogging?