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#TropeAthon Round 2 Announcement and Recommendations

TropeAthon is back guys for round 2 Misty (Misty's Book Space) and I had a lot of fun putting together this readathon the first time and it was our goal to make it a recurrent theme... So, here we are again with new prompts fit for this awesome time of year... We still have our… Continue reading #TropeAthon Round 2 Announcement and Recommendations

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72-Hour E-bookAthon – I just Had to…

After putting together #tropeathon with my friend Misty (Mistysbookspace) I was hooked. I wanted to do a little more but in a little lower and more relaxed scale so, I just thought that a 72-hour readathon would work perfectly for that... not too much pressure and a whole lot of reading (hopefully). Now I just needed to find what to make the readathon about, and Twitter helped me… Continue reading 72-Hour E-bookAthon – I just Had to…

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#TropeAthon T. B.R.

I'm not really in the habit of posting separate TBRs for readathons but it seem appropiate this time around.. with it being our own .. Anyway I'm kind of playing it safe because I didn't chose a book for each prompt I'm doubling on some of them... but who knows what will actually happen during… Continue reading #TropeAthon T. B.R.

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Announcing #TropeAthon — Come join us Guys!!

    Hey Guys!! I'm so incredibly happy to be making this announcement... I'm hosting my very first Readathon!!! Yayyy!! .. I have wanted to do something like this for a while now but I didn't want to take the leap by myself (why do this alone if I could find awesome fellow bloggers to help me out and suffer along… Continue reading Announcing #TropeAthon — Come join us Guys!!