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Trending Trope for the Season

I have talked about this topic before. Actually. It was quite a while agos but it's something that always makes me wonder what's going on with us that certain topics/tropes/types of stories whatever you want to call them take the spotlight in such a way that they are everywhere, being hyped by everyone (I'm not excluding myself from this)... but you literally can't escape them. It's very common in movies and TV shows once there's a huge blockbuster all the rest sort of… Continue reading Trending Trope for the Season

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How a Moody Reader Picks her Books… AKA ME

I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of readers call themselves "moody readers" and why shouldn't they... it's only natural that we gravitate towards books that show how we are feeling at a specific moment, or maybe we just need something to lighten our mood somehow... or we need a tearjerkker that will gives us an epic cry... So, picking books… Continue reading How a Moody Reader Picks her Books… AKA ME

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How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

Since I went crazy last month with my Readathons -- I got into 3 almost one after the other -- And came out mostly unscathed (a sleepless night here and there) and with an awesome tally of 21 books read... I think that pretty much entitles me to give advice on how you can accomplish the same... (I'm the epitome of modesty aren't… Continue reading How to Cruise a Readathon like a Champ

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Remember When… Angels were a HUGE Thing..

I have been a little nostalgic of late and I started thinking about all those bookish trends that were so very popular back in the day -- and when I mean back in the day I could go as far as the 90's or just as recent as the 2010's... It's always amazing to me… Continue reading Remember When… Angels were a HUGE Thing..

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Reviews.. Let’s get Gritty

This is not the first time I have talked about reviewing on my blog and certainly won't be the last... It's what we do book bloggers that is)... And even if they tend to not be the most popular of posts in general... they serve a purpose, they help those who are looking for pointers on whether a book… Continue reading Reviews.. Let’s get Gritty