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The Princess Bride Book Tag

This was one of my favorite movies way back when... It just so funny and quirky (yep, a movie can be quirky too) So... I had to do this tag that I found quite a while ago actually over at Em @ Keystroke Blog Let's jump right in... Questions Westley: Favorite Romantic Hero Whaaattt?? why is it… Continue reading The Princess Bride Book Tag

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Movie, TV Show or Anime?

Hey guys! I have something a little different for you guys this time around... a Tag/Game that has its root on the Kiss, Marry, Kill game we see often floating around on Book Tube (I have no idea who was the original creator of the game but kudos to them) I just wanted to add a little spin on things and decided to chose the adaptation route. We both love and dread that time when we hear… Continue reading Movie, TV Show or Anime?

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How Much Can We Read? and Who Really Cares?

Hey bookish friends, I have a new self-reflection/discussion post for you... I guess I got my inspiration from the bunch of readathons I have participated (which FYI is a great way to encourage yourself to read a little more than usual - at least most of the times.).. The thing is that all this reading frenzy got me thinking about can I actually read, while balancing life; you know that pesky little chores that get in the way of our free time? If you follow my blog, you know I'm one of those who likes to… Continue reading How Much Can We Read? and Who Really Cares?

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The Music Genre Book Tag Volume 2

Music and Books, two of my greatest love... I have tons of playlists for different kinds of books, It's so relaxing for me to read while listening to good music. Of course I would jump on the tag that combines the two. I found this tag over at For The Lover Of Books (Go check… Continue reading The Music Genre Book Tag Volume 2

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If you Like This You’ll Love

Hey guys it's been a while since I have done one of these types of post (not the recommendations ones because it seems like I'm always recommending something or other.) Any way back to the topic at hand... I have binged K Dramas like crazy for some reason, some oldies and some very new... And inevitably they either remind me of books or the books I read reminded me… Continue reading If you Like This You’ll Love