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The Thrill of Reading… Romance

Hey guys! For us bookworms reading is a sublime experience, we live for the opportunity to scape from the mundane for a while and become someone else, travel to the unknown, get our hearts broken and put together again, Fight against impossible odds and come out victorious.. You know what I'm talking about, right? But what is it about specifically from each genre… Continue reading The Thrill of Reading… Romance

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Are Book Bloggers Truly Appreciated?

Hey guys, I'm back with another discussion about Book Blogging and how it sometimes feels like we are extras in a movie, you know.. you need them there and they are helpful but not many pay attention to them.. or do they? Are we Book Bloggers truly appreciated? I would say it's a complicated answer... (when isn't… Continue reading Are Book Bloggers Truly Appreciated?

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I want To Read.. Then why Don’t I? – Putting off Books

Hey Fellow Book lovers, Here's Chelle with another bookish discussion.. Or more like a behavioural pattern of this reader's life. Do you guys also put books on hold indefinitely? Even those you are highly anticipating?  I had never paid close attention to this weird quirk of mine, to be honest I did not know I did this .. but this past few months have… Continue reading I want To Read.. Then why Don’t I? – Putting off Books

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Diving into The Omegaverse – OMG, What the..?

Hello everybody, welcome To another rambling discussion here on The blog... Although this time It could also be called an experience, and a pretty kinky one at that... Because Let me tell you guys ... This is turning out to be quite a journey.. This Past year, I have dipped My toes in The world of BL and Yaoi Manga... I have… Continue reading Diving into The Omegaverse – OMG, What the..?