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Why I’m a Reader Tag

I was scrolling around trying to find some interesting Tags to do... I don't get tagged enough but I don't mind it.. and came across this one over at the Royal Reader It's great to get to know the reader and not only the usual books (that sometimes tend to get a bit repetitive) so I jumped… Continue reading Why I’m a Reader Tag

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Upsetting Reading Habits

Bookworms are an unusual breed, we live in world of our own and are quite happy about just hanging out with our favorite book (or the one currently being read) and we try not to bother anyone, however, even with this happy attitude in life we too have some bad habits when it comes to… Continue reading Upsetting Reading Habits

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What not to say when talking to a Book Lover

Hello Everyone!! You see that girl with the sword on my title there? Well, today we are going to discuss those little annoying things that make us (Book Lovers) upset/angry enough to do exactly that (draw a sword or any weapon at our disposal on you)... We are not a violent bunch but we are… Continue reading What not to say when talking to a Book Lover

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The Brain’s Workout

There are a lot of perks about being a bookworm, and recently we even have medical validation for our addiction to reading. It actually improves our health, it keeps our brain young while making us extremely happy. As any other muscle our brain needs exercise, and that's where reading comes in. it's exactly the kind… Continue reading The Brain’s Workout