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B-Day Bash Reading Fest

Hello bookish friends! This is going to be a weird post... I wanted to write this yesterday June 14th (my actual Birth date) but Life happens and you don't always get to do what you want... I have so many things to do now ... some of you might know that I'm caring for my… Continue reading B-Day Bash Reading Fest

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Let me Recommend.. Latinx Books #Latinxheritagemonth

Happy Latinx Heritage month! as some of you may know I'm from Venezuela ... that's my heritage right there. So, who better to recommend books written by Latin American authors, right? My Blog is mainly YA and romance with the occasional exception but I want to branch out a little not only in the books I read (which believe… Continue reading Let me Recommend.. Latinx Books #Latinxheritagemonth

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November and December 2019 New Releases TBR list

Hey Guys! How's reading life going? Me? Oh well I'm just being my organized self and planning a two-month TBR.. How about that? --- Could you tell I'm lying through myteeth (or maybe throught my keys (from keybard)... Anyway, I have been on and off TBRs lately and it has work (mostly) for me to… Continue reading November and December 2019 New Releases TBR list

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#TropeAthon Round 2 TBR list

I'm free as a bird from actual TBRs for the rest of the year minus little lists like this beauty and any other readathon/challenges I pick up along the way... #TropeAthon is back.. and it starts in 2 days... so let's get ready for another week of tropish goodness.. Quick reminder: we have our social… Continue reading #TropeAthon Round 2 TBR list

Bookish Ramblings · Monthly Wrap Ups and TBRs

October 2019 Tiny TBR list

Happy October everyone!! This is one of my favorite months because.... It's Halloween!!!! And this year I have another reason #tropeathon round 2 is going to be from the 21st to the 27th this month ... Check out the announcement post with all the prompts and fun recommendations or just follow our Twitter account @tropeathon… Continue reading October 2019 Tiny TBR list