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October 2019 Tiny TBR list

Happy October everyone!! This is one of my favorite months because.... It's Halloween!!!! And this year I have another reason #tropeathon round 2 is going to be from the 21st to the 27th this month ... Check out the announcement post with all the prompts and fun recommendations or just follow our Twitter account @tropeathon… Continue reading October 2019 Tiny TBR list

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#Romanceopoly – The Final Strech

I know it's a little bit early for a final tally on yearly challenges... but bear with me. This isn't quite that... I have been participating on #romanceopoly since the beginning of the year and it has been a lot of fun... I started quite strongly reading at least 4 or 5 books a month from each prompt (you can find out more on the website here.)... And I manged to get ahead until I got slumpy and my… Continue reading #Romanceopoly – The Final Strech

Bookish Ramblings · Monthly Wrap Ups and TBRs

September 2019 the No T.B.R. Month

Hey bookish friends, this is probably going to be the shortest and most rambling TBR post ever... So please bear with me... August was the month of the reading slump, I did read some books but not as much as I hope being my Holiday month and all. However that's not even the issue, I'm used to get into at least one reading slump a year so, it wasn't unexpected and I had read like crazy the previous months so I guess it all caught… Continue reading September 2019 the No T.B.R. Month

Bookish Ramblings · Monthly Wrap Ups and TBRs

August 2019 T. B. R. List – So Much to Read and No Clue Where to Start

Hello fellow bookworms, Do you ever feel like you have your head on straight for a while only to realize it's all a lie? Or not quite a lie but a temporary act? That's me in a nutshell when it comes to reading... I know that it may seem like I'm so very organized with all my TBR for my challenges and the books I want to read but the truth is a shitshow (sorry for cursing).. And I'm currently in that stage now as I'm trying to put together a semi decent TBR for August and to be honest it's not going well for two main reasons. One, I have so many books I want to get to -- both backlist books and new releases… Continue reading August 2019 T. B. R. List – So Much to Read and No Clue Where to Start