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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Infinite Love Series By Kira Adams

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Hey Guys! No ranting this time… LOL… I have for you a YA, New Adult series that comprises four books.. And let me tell you that you need to check it out.. I can’t be the only one tearing up like a lunatic while reading this… It will hit you straight in the feels and you’ll love every minute of it.

The Infinite Love Series by Kira Adams


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This is a boxed set that contains 4 companion novels.

  • Learning to Live
  • My Forever
  • Beautifully Broken
  • Agaisnt all Odds

I know I should have rated them each separately but since I read the whole thing back to back I’m going to give you guys an overall review of the books. We have heartbreak (don’t forget your tissues if you dive into this set), grief, loss, illness, mental health issues.. But we also have hope, balance, understanding, courage… they are pretty well rounded stories, each on their own right.
My favorite was Learning to Live. It delivers a powerful and hopeful message that will break your heart but that’s how life works sometimes… no sugar coating.
The other that resonated with me was Beautifully Broken.. most likely because it deals with mental health and I’m currently going through something simmilar with a loved one.. So it got to me in a good and bad way..
The writing style its fluid and easy to get lost in.. like I said I read them back to back and it wasn’t a burden at all… It was surprising how fast I was reading them.
The characters are relatable and realistic in some ways even when they rub you wrong with some of their attitudes and decissions.
And the romance is sweet, real, and heart breaking..
This is a set of books that I would recommend to fans of YA and New Adult who are looking for something with an impact.

Hope you guys don’t leave me alone in this heart wrenching fest of a book and go grab a copy of it..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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