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What is a Reader?

Some might say that, having been a blogger for six years already, I should know the answer to this question... and I did (I still do mostly) the simplified version of it, because recently we seem to be overcomplicating everything... At least I know the dictionary version of it - which should be enough to… Continue reading What is a Reader?

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Tropeathon is Back!! – Come Join us.. Nov 14th-Dec 4th

Hey fellow bookworms, if you have been following me for a while you know that my friend Misty and I host a readathon a few times a year called Tropeathon -- and if you are new here, well, it's a readathon about favorite tropes with a few twists. Everyone is welcome whether you are a… Continue reading Tropeathon is Back!! – Come Join us.. Nov 14th-Dec 4th

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Tier Ranking MM Romance Tropes..

Hello Fellow Bookworms, How's life? For me it's been a crazy time, which accounts for my spotty posting schedule.. Sorry about that. You guys know how it is sometimes... Anyway, I wanted to do something fun today.. No rantings in sight, just plain old fangirling.. So what is better than a Tier Ranking post? I… Continue reading Tier Ranking MM Romance Tropes..

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Monster Mash Reading Plans – #Spookysmuttober

Hey Guys, It's finally October and one of my favorite seasons... Spooky season... I love Halloween, if you have been around for a while you already know that, and if you're new here -- now you do. It's such a fun season with horror movies, spooky decorations and lots of candy - what's not to… Continue reading Monster Mash Reading Plans – #Spookysmuttober