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Inside The Book…Verse: “Ella Frank”

Hello fellow bookworms! How's reading life? Verses are now a popular thing all around. We have them in comics, movies, TV shows and, of course, books.. A couple of popular ones that I'm certain most have heard about are the Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson) and the Grishaverse (Leigh Bardugo). And there's, of course, the Omegaverse, but… Continue reading Inside The Book…Verse: “Ella Frank”

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TropeAthon T.B.R – Bingo Board Recommendations

Hey fellow bookworms... TropeAthon officially starts Tomorrow, so you still have a chance to join Misty (Misty's Book Space) and myself on this new round... we are pretty chill, so come, and have fun reading your favorite tropes with our Bingo Board (HERE). I do a TBR for every round of Tropeathon to appear as… Continue reading TropeAthon T.B.R – Bingo Board Recommendations

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Meeting your Favorite Author — Highs and Lows

Hello fellow bookworms, How's life going for you? I hope you are having plenty of time to catch up on your never ending TBR.. or simply keep adding to it like I do.. Today I wanted to talk about what it's like to actually meet (or closely interact) with our favorite authors.. Sadly, I don't… Continue reading Meeting your Favorite Author — Highs and Lows

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Books You won’t Believe I haven’t Read… (Yet)

Hey fellow Bookworms, How's life going? It's going quite fast in my humble opinion... we are smacked at the middle of the year already, and it's time for a little recap of bookish things - plus it's bloggaversary month so let's check out how good of a bookworm I've been.. hint.. hint.. Not a good… Continue reading Books You won’t Believe I haven’t Read… (Yet)