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Tropeathon Reads and reviews “Week 2”

Hey bookworms, Finally a weekly report on time!! I'm amazed with myself... Tropeathon is doing good...for everyone who is participating -- Don't forget to keep us updated on your progress using #tropeathon on Twitter and Instagram or just tagging us on Twitter @Tropeathon1 --And I'm so happy about that. I have so much going on that i was afraid it wouldn't work out quite as well… Continue reading Tropeathon Reads and reviews “Week 2”

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I Just Want The Next Book – Pretty Please!

Hey bookworms, we have finally gotten here, to this whining moment... where we cursed  the heavens for the next instalment in a series that you have no clue when it will be released but you know you need it in your life... You know what I mean, despite my dramatics don't you? The sequel for an Arc that I reviewed at the beginning of the year is about to be released (Nov, 1st,) and I'm pretty excited because I loved the first book.. It's called, Burning Bright the second book in… Continue reading I Just Want The Next Book – Pretty Please!

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“Find Yourself in the Page” – Waht does it Mean?

Hey bookworms, How's your reading going? I took a break on slighty "controversial" discussions because I'm just having fun with my readathon and I just needed a break from the extremely unreasonable complains we get everywhere about everything... And let me be clear (because I have to) I'm not saying we shouldn't complain or criticize what surrounds us ; that's… Continue reading “Find Yourself in the Page” – Waht does it Mean?

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Tropeathon reads and Reviews – Week One

I know I'm a bit late to be calling this "week one of Tropeathon" but bear with me... life is a wonderful and sucky thing sometimes... Anyway, let's pretend that it's not really the middle of week two (imagination people, let's work it).. I have always though of myself as a fast reader, which is why I enjoy participating on readathons.. I… Continue reading Tropeathon reads and Reviews – Week One