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Mini Reviews – Paranormal Romance Bonanza (Kresley Cole)

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I was on my Paranormal Romance Bonanza this past October to celebrate Halloween… and It was great, it had been a while since I had immerse myself in this genre.. particularly the series I chose to read, and I had forgotten why I loved these books so much… They are the perfect antidote to stress and hectic life…Mindless fun all around plus, the beauty of most of these books it’s that even though they are part of ginormous series you can easily get the hang of things without having to read all the books (If you do.. it helps to enhance the experience but if you don’t it’s okay too)

I did my mini reviews on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books a while back but couldn’t keep up with the rest due to technical difficulties (Technology Hates me) So here I am with Kresley Cole’s Immortal after Dark series (better late than never)

10790516.jpgTitle: Lothaire

Author: Kresley Cole

Immortal After Dark Series Book 12


I had so much fun reading this book that once I finished it I jumped on the next one in the series (kind of – I have the order a little messed up but that doesn’t matter) Lothaire is the ultimate villain…He’s not a good guy/hero by any means and I loved that on this story.. To be able to see through the eyes of the character so many others fight against.. and See him experiencing a different take on life that completely clashes with his plans was epic…

His character is ruthless ans a control freak.and he’s completely bonkers… he’s not right in the head my friends but. he has everything planned out and the rest of the world has to fall in line or die.. that’s his approach and  when he gets involved with Ellie…. Things go haywire, the chemistry, the banter, their steamy and yummy scenes.. all their relationship is a delight to read about… She’s a little too hillbilly for me but it was hilarious all the same..

If you are looking for an entertaining read look no further and jump right in, don’t be afraid of the high number on this series you can easily pick up the pace without the 11 other books but if you are like me and have read them before even if it was looong ago then it would be like saying hi to old friends..

shadow-s-seductionTitle: Shadow’s Seduction

Author: Kresley Cole

Immortal After Dark book 14


This is the first MM romance by Kresley Cole That I have read and it didn’t disappoint.. it had everything I love about her books.. the humour,the action, the cameos (I live for those..)The chemistry between characters, and in this particular book the push and pull of trying to fight against something (their attraction to each other) that you know in your bones it is meant to be.. I only gave it 3.5 because even though I enjoyed, it wasn’t Lothaire level (it had pretty big shoes to fill)

516NGkAz4rL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Dark Skye

Author: Kresley Cole

Immortals After Dark book 15


I wasn’t kidding when I said that once I got sucked into this world I just couldn’t stop and this book was awesome… If you enjoy hate to love romances this is that book to the nth degree… Thronos and Lanthe are literally enemies and have messed up their lives like you wouldn’t believe (She literally made him jump off a cliff and he nearly died) This was so much fun to read… to watch their doomed relationship evolve into a tense collaboration in order to survive, then to friendship and finally love… I really loved this book.. It’s also a journey (they are actually jumping from world to world which can be a little mind-boggling at times) but it’s very entertaining – it amazes me Kresley Cole’s imagination with all those demon worlds, and different dimensions…

These are my mini reviews on the Immortal After dark series I read this October.. I still have a few left on this series I haven’t catched up on them all but I’m very tempted… Hope you decide to give them a try…

As Always

Happy Reading


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