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Announcing #TropeAthon — Come join us Guys!!



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Hey Guys!! I’m so incredibly happy to be making this announcement… I’m hosting my very first Readathon!!! Yayyy!! .. I have wanted to do something like this for a while now but I didn’t want to take the leap by myself (why do this alone if I could find awesome fellow bloggers to help me out and suffer along with me..LOL) And that’s exactly what I did, I asked around and the lovely Misty from Misty Books Space decided to come to the dark side and join me… And TropeAthon is born!!!


All of you are invited to join in… It’s going to be fun… But first let me give you a rundown of how it will work.. It’s going to be a week-long readathon that start on July 22nd through the 28th.. And it’s going to be Trope Related hence the name TropeAthon…

  • We have 9 prompts to follow some are mainly Trope Related and others are just fun task to pair up with the others… (we know, time is always an issue so you can easily tackle 2 or more prompts with one book if you so wish)
  • There’s also a lot happening on social media.. there’s going to be a Book that both Misty and I will be buddy reading and chatting about on Twitter (we’ll let you know the book soon if you want to join in the discussion) So go check out @tropeathon  on twitter for all the scoop…
  • There’s also the #tropeathon on Instagram and the prompts photo challenge… Just follow the same prompts and take gorgeous photos of the books you have chosen for each og the categories and share everything under #tropeathon..
  • One more thing before we get to the thick of things…even if some of the prompts are romance inclined — don’t worry — if that it’s not your thing we’ll give you some loopholes to fill those out — There’s no excuse to not take part so come join us in the fun…


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1- Post Your TBR — Share on any Social media or Blog or Booktube an image of your chosen TBR for the readathon under #Tropeathon.

2- The Chosen One — Read a book/Manga/Graphic Novel that features this trope, it can be a fantasy, sci/fi, YA, New Adult or Adult.

3- Blue on the Cover — Chose a book that has any shade of blue anywhere on its cover and share it with us on social media.

4- Other Worlds — Read a Book that features this trope, it can be from different planets, different species to even different walks of life.

5- Cover Love — Share with us on Twitter or Instagram your favorite covers… it can be from your TBR or just your favorite covers in general.

6- Enemies to Lovers — Easy Trope to fill but there’s a loophole for those who don’t enjoy romance… just pick a book where the character go from enemies to allies.

7- Forbidden Romance — Read a Forbidden or Dark themed book, it can also be a book about a hard topic not romance related.

8- Recommended to you — Misty and I will be posting a few recommendations in the weeks prior the readathon so you can choose one of those, or just simply any book that has been recommended to you by friends, goodreads, You tube, anything goes here.

9- Slow Burn — Read a slow burn romance or just a slow building relationship of any kind.

These are the prompts for our TropeAthon, and once again you are all invited to participate… Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @tropeathon for any additional information and just to chat with us using the #tropeathon on both Twitter and Instagram.

As Always

Happy Reading


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