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Arcs and Requested Reviews – In The Midst Of Magic by Christian Cura

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Hey fellow bookworms .. I’m back with a requested review. I have mentioned before how much I have been enjoying doing this because it has allowed me to broaden my reading repertoire and stepping out of my comfort zone (by tiny degress).

In this case I might not be taking a huge step out of that comfort — it is a fantasy after all — But I am spreading the word on a good book.

In the Midst of Magic by Christian Cura


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It’s exciting when reviewing a book gives you the oportunity to watch an author evolve and grow into their craft..
This book gave that chance to me, and funny enough it was in a way parallel with the story I was reading..

We have Kara, who is understandably scared of a huge part of who she is.. and has neglected herself in a way because of that but when push comes to show she pulls herself together and fights back her demons… Putting aside fear for a greater good.

Of course all this development is intertwined with a great setting and an engrossing plot.

But what stuck with me the most was our main character’s evolution because accepting yourself and doing what needs to be done despite any misgiving you have it’s not an easy feat and I relate to that the most..

I apologize if you might find this review a bit vague but I would hate to ruin the journey by going into full details, but I will say that it is a journey worth taking. I hope you decide to get into it and enjoy it as much as I did.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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