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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Mahatmas and Monsters by Kim Idynne


Hello fellow bookworms, I have a few requested reviews coming up so bear with me, I’m trying to catch up with them since the past couple of days haven’t been the greatest for me — But you are not here to hear me whinning so let’s get to the review of a story that will appeal to vampire fans out there…

Mahatmas and Monsters by Kim Idynne



3.75 stars for an interesting plot, unusual cover and great character inner struggle..

It’s been a while since I read a Vampire lore book.. which surprised me because Vampires are on the top of my favorite creatures..

When I was asked to review this story it was no surprise that I would say yes. I’m glad I did.

It has an interesting take on vampire lore and I always find that refreshing. I think the author is also an illustrator and this shows in the writing style… but what really grips you is the relationship between our main characters, as well as the complexities they both have.. I would call it challenging but not in a bad way at all, but it might be uncomfortable at times.. it challenges your very existence (or more like our hero’s existence but you catch my drift), making you question uncomfortable truths about humanity and the monster you are becoming..

If you are like me (a huge vampire fan), don’t miss out on this story… and just dive in.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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